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5 Powerful Ways to Expand in Love

Do you lack self love and feel unloved by others? Would you like to be able to give and receive more love? By embracing love we can heal our pain, release our barriers and open [...]

  • Lake Garda healing

Past Lives Explored in Lake Garda, Italy

To help clear past lives we are often drawn to go to places where we have incarnated before as there is healing needed, just being there can help shift the energy and help us move forwards [...]

Living Consciously

How are you feeling?  What is coming up for you at the moment?  Are old patterns and behaviours surfacing? As the energies on the planet rise what is hidden is coming out of the shadows, ready [...]

  • forgiveness meditation

Set Yourself Free with this Forgiveness Meditation

Forgiveness is essential to our spiritual path. Without this we are hindered in our progression.  We need to release ourselves, as well as others to allow us all to move forwards.  We are all deserving of [...]

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